Samuel Myers
I'm looking for a job! I'm getting out of the Navy after 6 years. It has been an adventure and an honor to serve.

The stuff below is all true and, about a year old:

I do lots of stuff (nerdy): I like to upgrade and repair electronics. I've done just about every repair to every generation of iPhone and iPod. I remember the first time I upgraded an iPod mini (to 8GIGS!) with a very (at the time) expensive CF Camera card. My first smartphone was a Samsung Blackjack and I just had to get windows Mobile 6 running on it. I Jailbroke all my friends' iPhones before people k what it meant. I've built and fixed all kinds of computers. If you're a relative and you're running Windows I'm just gonna wipe it and start over. I'll be back in 6 months after you've downloaded free smileys, screensavers, bejewdazzle300... again.

I do stuff (mechanical): I'm on my third motorcycle. It's a Yamaha FZ6. I change the Oil and the Sparkplugs (that's a bitch BTW): I tighten and lube the chain. I replaced the right footpeg after I laid it down. I live in WA so I installed heated hand grips. New handlebars, and I drilled the baffles to change the sound.

I do lots of stuff (handy): My dad was a general contractor and I've always been small and strong. I've crawled in and under and around every nasty residential space you can think of. I've done rough framing, electrical, windows, doors, carpets, plumbing, finish carpentry, painting (ugh) and all kinds of other stuff. Around my house I hate wires. When I bought the house I went through 3 different flat screen mounts and installed several new electrical outlets and chases to ensure none are visible between the TV and all my Devices.

I do no stuff (gamer) I have an XBOX and and PlayStation. I use them to stream videos from Plex on my Desktop. I bought an arcade XBOX and modified the headers of a 160GB WD from Newegg and installed it, just to see if I could. I played with OtherOS on the PS until Sony nuked it (Grrr):

I do lots of stuff (nuclear): I operate a Nuclear Reactor onboard a Trident Class Submarine based out of Bangor, WA. Most of that is classified.

I'm an %OS% guy. I've used Windows since '95, Linux since Breezy Badger, Mac since Panther. I remember the joy of bringing my dads Thinkpad T20 back to life with Ubuntu and the pain of finding drivers for the PCI Wifi card. I played extensively with the OSX86 project and I was constantly searching for Kexts to keep the newest version of OSX running an HP workstation I inherited from my Aunt's company.

Nano is better than vi: I've dabbled in almost every common programming language. I got my feet wet with HTML and CSS back when MySpace was all the rage. I learned PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery as I went. I've scheduled Cronjobs to do server backups. I've written more bash and applescripts than I can count (usually it would have been faster to do the task by hand): Python is my favorite language to date. My C is eh. If I can do it from a terminal I probably will. Right now I'm playing with Swift and Node.js

I like other languages too (the spoken kind): I speak Spanish (mejor cuando estoy un poquito boracho). My French is decent. I took a Semester of Latin. Halfway through Latin, my professor was struck by a car and the Dean took over the class. We mostly just struggled through pages and pages of text. I got an A, but I think they thought we were traumatized... by the Dean, the original professor ended up with a cast and was fine.

I'm on the cutting edge (toepick): I used GrandCentral before it became Google Voice. I've had a twitter account since 2006 (it wasn't popular 'till '07, just ask Wikipedia!): I'm usually "up" on the latest, newest, bestest, brightest things, at least in science and technology. I make obscure references and little jokes I silently chuckle at. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

Anyways: If the whole Internet had a seed ratio, mine would be very low. One of my greatest frustrations is finding a person on a forum or blog with my exact problem/question also solution-less. I find my solution usually. Usually, I consult Google and tailor my findings to the project at hand. Then I'm on my merry way without giving a single thing back. I know I need to change that. I will be making an effort provide guidance and insight into all my interesting undertakings in the hopes it may benefit someone. It may be redundant, but maybe my walkthroughs/ point of views can help someone. Projects and photos will be in the portfolio section.